Bye bye lovely 'RachelPhone', hello cold, steely 'Xperia X10' from Sony Ericsson

3 November 2009

X10-overview-top Sony Ericsson have unveiled their first phone to run on Google’s Android operating system, and it will be on sale in early 2010.

It’s called the Xperia X10, which is a shit name and nowhere near as lovely as the handset’s working title, which was Rachel. Ahhh…..

The phone will work with second and third generation mobile networks, including HSPA, as well as Wi-fi. It will run version 1.6 of Android and will be packing a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor from US chip firm Qualcomm. No pricing information has been revealed just yet.

Following the announcement, the Bitterwallet team travelled to London’s bustling Kings Cross area to get a reaction from the tramps that frequent the locale. However, the first one we approached spat tea in our faces. We made our excuses and left.


  • The B.
    Disappointed, I'd been waiting for this announcement and what I didn't want to hear was that it would run on 1.6, why not 2.0? No proper specs on it either. My Jesusphone contract expires in December and I'm looking for an Android phone to replace it with, this was looking favourite.
  • My P.
    im also very dissapointed, ive been waiting ages for a phone called Rachel!
  • maxtweenie
    I'm disappointed too. There's no mention of the Iphone anywhere on this article.
  • Bob B.
    Shit name? How old are you? 10? Is there any reason to swear for no apparent reason?
  • Pete P.
    Bob bob your shit
  • Scott w.
    rachael was the name for the android skin not the phone that was working title X3 there is a a nokia called X3 so it was changed to X10
  • Ali A.
    Has to be lloyds bank
  • Graham L.
    I hadn't started up maps, although had utilized them per day or two before but the cell phone had been rebooted because then. Checking within the about performance showed that roadmaps had been the cause of 70% from the total battery drain. Naturally I killed it, but it keeps restarting. Now I don't would like to uninstall Yahoo and google maps simply because it can be a genuinely practical perform and have employed it successfully as saatnav on quite a few occasions and identified it being far more uptodate and exact than my dedicated satnav. But is there a setting somewhere that I could tweak to stop it from starting up up except when I start out it myself? Running a activity killer over a scheduled basis and having it kill roadmaps is just not a fix for me, as what takes place when I wish to use it and discover it getting killed on a regular basis.
  • Jannich
    I really do not hope that the attackers gets access to the playstation 3 machines! With fifty million multicore CPU's at their disposal, they could wreak havoc !

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