By 2015, we can all be Marty McFly

Let's be honest - our vision of the future is mostly cobbled together from Back to The Future 2, which means that we’ve all been eagerly awaiting hoverboards and robot petrol stations since 1989.

But the thing we’ve always REALLY wanted to happen is actually going to happen – that’s according to Nike, who have announced that self tying laces will be in stores by 2015. Yes, it’s not just Marty McFly who will get to have his hi tops fastened automatically – finally, the future is here!

Nike patented self-tying laces in 2010, and introduced a high tech homage to Michael J. Fox’s shoes the same year – but although they were fancy schmancy and featured a built in LED panel, you still had to tie the laces yourself like someone from 1955.

But one of Nike’s big designers, the gloriously named Tinker Hatfield, has promised us self tying laces. His words? ‘Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!’

That sounds pretty darn conclusive, doesn’t it? Now all we need are Deloreans and Mr Fusion home energy reactors and we’re sorted.


  • Han S.
    Who the fuck would take self tying laces over a Hoverboard?!
  • Grammar N.
    I bet we get hoverboards before we get a new Feral Trolley Of The Week.
  • Dick
    Or if you have difficulty tying shoelaces and you manage to escape your carers, you could buy slip on shoes instead.

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