Get a whole series for the price of an episode from See Saw

7 September 2010

seesawY'know SeeSaw? That thing that's like iPlayer but it's a bit different because it offers you the chance to not watch shows from Channel Five?

Yeah. That thing.

Well, they're being rather nice to those of you who actually spend money on downloading things (as opposed to the majority of you who are balls-deep in torrents every night).

They're currently offering the whole first season of Spooks for a paltry 99p. However, it's only for today, so get on it if you're interested.

That's not all though. This is part of a weekly thing which will happen from now on until time itself curls up into a ball and explodes... or... y'know... 'til they decide to stop doing it.

This promotion is called Tight Tuesdays where users can buy rent an entire series for the price of an episode. You get to vote on which show will be discounted the following week. That's good isn't it?
is the link you need to watch, vote and rob SeeSaw blind.

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  • The B.
    So you get to vote for a series and the most popular is available at 99p? I'll stick with bb warez ta.
  • PokeHerPete
    I wonder if they are offering "Tight" Tuesday on the adult channel tonight aswell.
  • lowercasejs
    You're not buying the series but renting it. I wouldn't have bothered to write this but since it says "buy" in your title I figured you might want to change it.
  • Marky M.
    But I've already paid for it through my licence fee. In fact I once had a jolly conversation in HMV with one of their staff, regarding One Foot In The Grave. I picked up the box set of DVDs and asked why I should have to pay for it, considering that my licence fee had already paid for it. I would however be willing to make a small contribution towards the packaging, and suggested £2. To his credit he didn't call security, but having admitted that he'd "never thought of it like that", he did walk away with the worried look of a broken man. So if you're reading this from your ditch, Mr broken HMV sales drone, I apologise for ruining your sad, pointless life. And if anybody from the BBC or Seesaw is reading this, you can piss off.
  • Jim
    No you haven't, you've paid for it to appear on BBC TV. From then on, the BBC does what they want with it, including selling it abroad and selling it on DVD/on demand - putting that money back into the company.
  • Marky M.
    @ Jim No I didn't. They simply never asked me. I f they HAD asked I'd have said I wanted them to make it and release it on DVD, so the DVD is rightfully mine. And as for putting it back into the company, does that include the £2,000 a WEEK on taxis, and a Director-General on £800K? Not to mention 382 staff on over £100K a year, and stations like BBC Radio 7 and the Asian "is anybody out there" Network? I recently listened to a BBC Radio Leicester and listened to a prizeless phone-in competition where a local councillor told an allegedly-iotous anecdote about being offered what he thought was a slug during a council, ahem, "fact-finding trip" to Greece. Except it wasn't a slug anyway. It was a green pepper. Yawn. So our licence fee is attracting the best and sharpest talent? Dick and Dom, anybody? Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum? Catherine Tate? The end is coming for the licence fee and not before time, so get used to it, BBC apologists.
  • poo p.
    Bet Jim reads the Daily Mail...
  • poo p.
    Whhops.. meant Marky Mark (sorry Jim!)
  • Marky M.
    Www-what was I saying?. You're absolutely right Poo Pants. I am a fool. The BBC is a terrific organisation. This jewel in the nation's crown is staffed by experts and gifted spotters of a galaxy of brilliant talent. They are obviously beyond reproach. No problems with overstaffing, financial waste, chronic cocaine use, minority box-ticking, or crass mismanagement. No sir.
  • Paul C.
    Completely disagree with you Mark. Yes, cocaine was rife (especially amongst the TOTP/That Finding a Maria Thing/Strictly Come Dancing Production crews - dropped you in it there, kids!) - but I think Thompson has certainly accepted fault and acknowledged that change needed to happen. There is more clarity in expenses and the decision to axe the Asian Network will be a start (should have taken 1Xtra with them as well - but thats another story). Your license fee pays for the BBC to screen/commission/produce/etc quality programming across a variety of platforms - as Jim rightly pointed out above. If Catherine Tate, Dick And Dom, Young Dumb And Living Off Mum are the only examples of programming you can cite - I suggest you try and go further than BBC 2 on your remote control. I believe the BBC does an excellent job of providing a multimedia choice: BBC 4 has some excellent programming and superb foreign films, BBCThree... well... and don't forget Channel 4 absorbs some of the license fee as well. Excellent BBC News Channel, excellent BBC website and multiplatform news feeds, iPlayer integration into home electronics (PS3/Wii etc). Your blinkered view that because you pay your license fee that entitles you to all BBC recordings ever made is pretty banal. In fact, I implore you to nip into HMV tomorrow and try and take the entire back catalogue of Only Fools And Horses whilst waving your tv license at the guard before he pummels your face into next week.
  • me
    @ Paul Coia Well done defending the company that you work for ( or somebody related to you!) Gladly I can watch my 40" TV with freesat not having paid the TV TAX "licensing" for over 10 years!
  • Felacio N.
    Loving Marky Mark's righteous indignation. The Viz's Major Misunderstanding lives and breathes!
  • Mick T.
    Hey don't knock Dick & Dom, they're a damn sight better than those Geordie twats that are seemingly permanently showing on ITVeee.
  • Andy D.
    I did some writing for Dick & Dom earlier in the year, and hope to do so again over the coming months. Hope that helps.
  • Paul C.
    @me I don't work for them any more since they stopped comissioning my famous quiz show 'Catchword'

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