Budget iPhone imminent?

The one thing that really terrifies Apple devotees, is that their gadgets will become less exclusive, losing their 'reassuringly expensive' pricetags and being items that anyone can buy.

And that may well be happening as it seems Apple are going to build and sell a cheap iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple have been looking at a lower-end iPhone, with the aluminium casing of the iPhone 5 put to one side in favour of a cheaper polycarbonate exterior. Of course, if you want to be snobby about it, you can still hoot about what your phone is made of, just like the snobs in the mid-eighties who would coo about which Coca Cola yo-yo they'd got their hands on.

Like the iPad mini, the cheaper iPhone would reuse bits of older handsets and aim it at developing mobile markets. It seems this move is a bid to get Apple a proper foothold in China, where Samsung is the more popular brand.

It is likely that it'll end up getting shipped all over the world, after all, Apple is a sought after brand. But will this price drop lose Apple cool points with fans?



  • badger
    Did the iPod Nano cannibalise sales of the iPod? No: because they were distinctly different for different audiences so they sold many, many more. That's marketing for you.
  • qwertyuiop
    Christ! The iphone 5 looks and feels cheap enough as it is. What will a lesser one be made from? Bits of scrap iron? What was wrong with the 4s casing? Now that was quality.
  • sdutton007
    "losing their ‘reassuringly expensive’ pricetags and being items that anyone can buy." A) Reassuringly expensive is just a marketing term meaning overpriced. B) Anybody can buy one anyway... even if you are on the dole, you can probably manage the £35/month contract that iPhone 5s seem to start at (roughly). "The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple have been looking at a lower-end iPhone" - Lower end??? I thought the iPhone already was low-end? Small screens, disabled functionality, etc...
  • samuri
    a cheaper scabby shit version, oh that will make me buy one NOT! Apple you have seriously lost the plot.
  • Sicknote
    From my perspective I usually only see ne'er-do-well catalogue shopping, sports cloth wearing lay abouts' with Iphones. So I'm not sure who will buy this budget device.
  • OoOoooH Y.
    There you go you paupers, you all can own an Apple product now and become part of the elite class of society. Baaaaahhhhhh!
  • Ric B.
    Errr maybe I'm missing something here but the current Android best seller is the Galaxy S3, a handset not much cheaper than the iPhone 5! Price isn't the issue for most people, they want the best they can afford and if Apples overpriced/under spec flagship's aren't cutting it now then sorry but a substandard device from them won't either! Apple have dropped the baby, poor product upgrading and an operating system that looks the same as it did last decade is to blame, they are only fooling the Designer Label mugs now who simply buy because of a name because the companies marketing dept made them by their hip advertising ions ago - now they just advertise look our phones can now do that feature others got last year too now..... If they were free I wouldn't buy into Apples walled garden - I am used to choice and freedom from my devices, not to be deliberately limited by a manufacturer because they want to sell you another upgrade in a years time.

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