BT's desperate Race to Infinity... or Brentford

Fibre is the future, kids, and BT wants YOU to get involved in their obvious marketing ploy campaign for social change. They're rolling out superfast fibre optic broadband across the UK, but not to everyone. Boo. But wait! If your town or city isn't part of BT's plans, you can change all that by voting for your own neighbourhood - the five most voted-for will win superduper broadband! Hooray!

And so the scene is set for a grizzled fight to the death a few half-arsed campaigns in what BT are calling the Race To Infinity. That's obviously an outrageously misleading and stupid title since no broadband network can reach infinite speeds - then again, that's right at home with the bullshit claims made by every other broadband supplier.

Bitterwallet - BT Road to Infinity

But make no mistake about it - BT are desperate for consumers to take up the cause; they're produced campaign packs to download including posters and flyers, plus there's a guide on "how to canvas your street to getting on your local radio station". It's a little too in-depth, explaining the different types of radio interviews you might record and suggesting you to harass journalists for face-to-face meetings - it's just not going to happen.

BT are going to spend the money anyway - ultimately it doesn't matter which area wins - but not before they attempt to extract a metric fuckton of publicity from potential customers, thereby raising their profile nationally through everyone else doing the work. If nothing else, it's a different way to go about canvasing the public, a unique marketing idea th- no, hang on. Google did exactly the same thing in the US in February didn't they? But with a little more class, and a lot less desperation:


  • klingelton
    we should find the most expensive to provide for town in the uk and everyone vote for them.
  • @klingelton
    Agreed. Probably one of the many Scottish Islands.
  • PaulH
    @[email protected]@klingelton Or Bolton...
  • blagga
    Genius - how can we get this started? I vote for Lundy Island or the Scilly Isles.
  • blagga
    The postcode is TR21 0JA.
  • Chris H.
    Can't we all vote for the Falkland Islands?
  • Alan
    @blagga, Scilly Isles is already getting Fibre as part of the Cornwall roll-out. Was in the news last week. Didnt you hear? Falkland Islands would be a riot.
    Was going to vote for my In-Laws Village, but the place needs to have more than 1000 premises.
  • klingelton
    falklands have to be prohibitavely expensive... do BT cover them?
  • Paul S.
    Folks, I think you're onto a winner here. There are some rules and regulations - one is that the local exchange must not be connected to less than 1,000, but I think the spirit you're showing here is very noble. I'll dig through the rest of the rules, then let's see if we can help some far flung folk out, eh?
  • Tarquin W.
    Llanberis - LL55 4EL
  • Brian's U.
    what's the point if BT are going to send your details to ACS law?
  • zleet
    What would be the point as they will probably hold you to some ridiculous 'fair usage' policy that would make the whole thing redundant.
  • fibrelover
    I think this is a great idea personally - great looking website and easy to vote. Can't wait for fibre
  • hippy1001
    About bloody time! For one of the largest broadband suppliers in the uk to take so long to lay a bit of fiber optic cable is appalling! Now they are going to start but make it "exciting" by giving you the chance to get it in your area first! I can see the social networking sites getting hit with "please add my postcode to the BT site so i can get super duper broadband, as im only on a 3mb line and i cant watch those youtube videos about cats getting frightened by noises!" Think ill sit silently in my smugness stroking my virgin modem.......MMMmmm yummy megabytes
  • klingelton
    i think i'll sit smugly stroking my virgin modem. mmmmm megabytes, wait - packet loss, high ping what's this? latency?! best ring customer services. Hello bombay, i have a pro...yes i have turn it off and turned it back on...yes i can see a webpa.... no my internet is not fine it's comple.....he hung up on me... (an all too common telephone call to vermin media)
  • gordon
    there is a league table of how the exchanges are doing here:
  • Ten B.
    [...] BT’s desperate Race to Infinity… or Brentford [...]
  • Dex
    So why don't Virgin Media just lease out there existing network to compete? They could charge TalkTalk etc etc a fee to use thier network. Surely the likes of TalkTalk would jump on Virgin's offer rather than wait for BT and if Virgin are smart they'd make a clause saying the other ISP's can't jump ship once BT have got thier fibre network up.
  • BT B.
    [...] night, the smart cookies at Porter Novelli sent a welcome email to BT’s Race to Infinity mailing list, but cut and paste all the addresses into the cc field – meaning 943 addresses [...]

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