BT's cheap mobile network plans held up after glitch

6 October 2014

public wifi BT have hit some technical difficulties with their plans to launch a super cheap mobile network and it looks like it will now be delayed until 2015. Basically, BT were looking at cutting costs by carrying loads of voice traffic over WiFi networks.

The plan was to use their 5.4 million WiFi hotspots to create its own mobile phone network and the phone operator had already struck deals with EE to use a portion of their 4G spectrum also.

However, BT have found that there's issues with the technology used to switch between WiFi and mobile networks, so basically, calls get interrupted when the signal switches. Customers would not be able to 'roam' seamlessly between the two, which is no use to anyone.

Not only that, BT are looking at increasing their mobile network capacity by using Home Hub routers as mini 4G mobile masts. It's an ambitious project.

They're serious about it though, as BT paid out £186 million for a chunk of the 4G spectrum last year, so watch this space. It is likely that we'll see some results from the company around April 2015.

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