BT to invest £6 billion in broadband

BT Broadband

Seeing as Virgin Media have announced their making big investments in superfast broadband, BT don't want to be outdone, and have said that they've got plans to invest £6 billion over the next three years for faster broadband and mobile services.

They're saying that they're going to give ultrafast broadband to 12 million premises by 2020, and while they're at it, are going to improve 4G mobile too.

"Customers want their broadband to be affordable as well as fast and we will be able to do that using," said BT chief executive Gavin Patterson.

Of course, BT's rivals aren't impressed with this chat, and Sky have poked their heads into it all by saying that they really should be investing in the UK's broadband fibre network.

What they mean, is that they want BT and Openreach to be split up, so everyone can get in on the action.

"Despite BT's claims, it is clearer than ever that their plans for fibre to the premise (FTTP) broadband will bypass almost every existing UK home," said Andrew Griffith, chief financial officer at Sky.

"This limited ambition has been dragged out of BT by the threat of regulatory action, demonstrating once again why an independent Openreach, free to raise its own long-term capital, is the best way for the UK to get the fibre network it needs."

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