BT superfast home fibre plans fall behind schedule. Again

6 October 2011

The Internet, yesterday

BT make promises. Then they throw them back in our faces because they hate us. They really, really hate us.

What have they done this time? Get this - the swines aren't going to hit their target of kitting out 12 exchanges with its new fibre network by the end of 2011, like they said they would.


BT's broadband programme director and billy bullshiter, Johnny McQuoid, told The Register that BT had been forced to delay the rollout of its fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology, til the end of 2011.

Now, those plans are being revised by only giving us six exchanges kitted out with the new, good stuff, as opposed to the 12 they promised. PROMISED.

A BT spokesman says: "it has taken us longer than expected to ramp up from our trial deployment into commercial launch. However, we are now there, and will announce further exchanges in due course."

"We don't expect to roll out to the 12 exchanges by the end of the year, but we fully expect to exceed that number in due course - we will announce these during our regular quarterly roll out updates."

BT also announced that they'd use the FTTP tech to deliver downstream speeds of up to 300Mbit/s from April 2012... but they'll probably end up going back on that comment as well.


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  • Tiffany I.
    I have actually never heard of BT before this article but from the sounds of it you have been following them and they haven't been keeping good on their promises. Like so my companies the say things that they really cant deliver. The pause for thought for Steve Jobs is something I am about to check out now!
  • Phil
    Did BT ever really like us anyway?
  • Rob
    They said they would call, but never did.
  • James
    Why exactly should BT care? All they ever do is the hard work and then other companies get to take advantage of their system and sell for cheaper price.
  • Alexis
    My phone line went down on Monday. No dial tone, no internet. Was supposed to be sorted this evening as they've found there is a fault, but obviously it isn't.
  • andy y.
    It must be tough with no internet
  • James E.
    I would rather drink my own urine than go back to BT. But I remember what it was like when they were nationalised. Believe me, they wouldn't have even started by now and we would still be on party lines!.
  • jsoap
    BT keep trying to sell me their high speed 40Mb service at some bargain price. Nowhere on their blurb does it state that if I took up their generous offer, that I could use up my total months data allowance in 2 hours 15 minutes.

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