BT show off their 300Mbps broadband with the Home Hub 5

Bitterwallet - BT - featured BT broadband is about to go hard in the pant as it unveils its new Home Hub 5 for super-fast Infinity customers, which it reckons can reach speeds of up to 300Mbps.

Of course, these stupidly fast speeds are only for those homes and businesses that will have to be wired up with fibre-optic connections that go right into the building. If not, you'll just have to look on enviously.

While fibre optics are the next-gen, a lot of homes only have them in the local exchange, which mean that the coppers wires between your house and the box at the top of the road slow things down again.

BT said that around 100,000 premises see the internet carried all the way into the back of your computer by fibre, which is nice for them.

The crucial difference between the Home Hub 5 and Home Hub 4 is that everything is combined into one VDSL router, rather than having separate boxes and has a 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a Gigabit Ethernet socket.

What will the Home Hub 6 bring us - dream-altering capabilities...?



  • badger
    Dear Mof, I'd like to be the first to leave a negative comment about this. Thank you.
  • Les D.
    300mbps with a real world speed of 63kbps

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