BT quote £150,000 for broadband connection

28 May 2010

bt-logoBT can be dead-eyed and unsympathetic at the best of times. Like this week for example when they cut-off my internet and phone because I'd not paid a bill they hadn't sent me.

Still, at least they didn't quote a figure so preposterous that it made me spray my innards all over the house. Yep, BT quoted a pensioner a whopping £150,000 to install broadband at her house in rural Wales, according to The Reg.

Beverley McCartney, who lives in Salem, Carmarthenshire, was contacted by BT last week and after telling her that they couldn't connect her home, they worked out that they actually could, and would do it for the bargain price of £129,613.54 plus VAT. As a kind gesture, BT offered to contribute £8,000.

A shocked Mrs McCartney said: "I phoned BT and said surely this is a typing error and the girl said, 'No, there's been no mistake, other people have had bills for much more than this.'"

Other houses in Salem, which is three miles outside Llandeilo, do have broadband, so the village isn't classified as a "not-spot" which would qualify for a Welsh Assembly subsidy.

BT spokesman Chris Orum defended the quote. "If it's just one individual person and it requires upgrading the network for one person, no company would cover that," he said.


  • shiftybadger
  • Hickey
    Is this with or without the £3 discount for Direct Debit customers ?
  • David
    I don't see the problem. They have the views and the mud and the sheep. We have pollution and broadband.
  • Lumoruk
    old news
  • andy y.
    Mof if you are paid by the story ,you really don't deserve a penny for this.
  • Leprascopic L.
    Those people are Rambones!
  • wander
  • Jose
    BW = OLD
  • Julian
    Isn't BT a private company now though? They exist to make a profit, so they can't be expected to swallow £150,000 worth of costs - if that IS the costs involved in setting up broadband to that area.
  • AndyZ
    I'd have to download even more pr0n to justify that price.
  • Ballu
    just get satellite broadband... way cheaper.
  • ¬_¬
    "Mof if you are paid by the story ,you really don’t deserve a penny for this." +1
  • Bea T.
    "if that IS the costs involved in setting up broadband to that area." With all the council red tape and bureaucracy I can well imagine that it does cost that much. Any existing BT customer should be pleased they quoted that much. It's only go on your bill if they subsidise it.
  • Hugh R.
    Why should BT foot the bill for some welsh coffin dodger. BT are a PLC why should they have to foot the bill for it. Wonder if Virgin media would hook him up for free ( I think not). He has a telephony service which is what BT's USO forces them to provide. Stupid story, what next tesco charges for food shocker
  • ?????
    Why doesn't the silly old fart just get a fucking great big long extention cable, and leech off some mug in the next village??
  • The B.
    In other news, WWII is over.
  • Codify
    Can we have the chicken-in-a-can story again?
  • Jack J.
    Boo fucking hoo - jf you don't like the quote, dont accept it. Its your fault for wanting to live in such a remote area. Just fuck off, fuck right off Mrs. Go and get satellite broadband instead, or just use dial-up with that OnSpeed accelerator thing that will help normal browsing. Or sort it out yourself somehow. GTFO

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