BT doubles top broadband speed

11 April 2012

Bitterwallet - BT - featuredBT are, once again, locking horns with Virgin in their dick-swinging festival of who can boast the superfastest super fast broadband by announcing that, roughly speaking, they're doubling the speed of their top package.

Infinity 2 download speeds are going to increase from (up to, naturally) 38Mbps to (up to) 76 Mbps tomorrow, for no extra charge. Of course, all these speeds mean nothing if you've far away from street side cabinet that connects your copper line to the new fibre optic network.

BT reckon that this upgrade will mean they'll be offering the fastest upload speeds (up to 19Mbps) while the basic Infinity package will remain at (up to)38Mbps downstream but be boosted upstream to 9.5Mbps.

“Many providers have forgotten about the importance of fast upload speeds,” said John Petter, managing director of BT Consumer. “BT believes that fast upstream speeds are vital given how people now use the internet and so we are distancing ourselves from the competition by providing the UK’s fastest upload speed.”

Meanwhile, Virgin are being rather sarcastic about it all. A spokesman for Virgin Media said it was good that BT was trying to "keep up".

Is this the most tedious rivalry in the history of humankind?


  • Steve
    Not without a negative - current customers have to sign up to a new 2 year contract. (according to the CS guy on the phone just)
  • Zleet
    BT infinity has rolled out to other exchanges in my area but still no word on my local. No lightning fast porn downloads in the Zleet house.
  • master t.
    Well... humpth, should not complain as at least I have it (installed 1 month ago), when there are many people who are still waiting for their exchanges to be updated ! I get 37meg down and 8 up at the moment but as I am 900 meters from my street "green box" cabinet then I wont get any better ! (maybe 2 or 3 meg more ???) But hey, 1 month into a 18 month contract, its a no brainer, where do I sign back up ?? Super fast pOrn !
  • Chris
    I was suppose to be able to get Infinity at the end of last month, but now it's been pushed back to the end of June. As I don't live in a cable area that means I'm stuck with the same 3.5Mbps I've had for donkey's years even longer. I want more internetz!!!
  • Sicknote
    Face it, they had to do something and it was either deliver a faster service to customer or quit. My Virgin cable has doubled in speed already and not extra cost; wake up BT...!
  • klingelton
    virgin has doubled speed at the cost of stability. bt are headed the same way. Would still pay extra for a decent (8meg) stable connection, no packet loss, no jitter and little lag - just like virgin was in the old days.
  • Mike H.
    They may well double the speed, that doesn't fucking mean that you will get a faster connection.
  • M
    I don't mind having 6-7 Meg down, I can't really see the need for 38 or even 76meg speeds unless you never leave the house and can't survive without the knowledge you could download the entire internet in a few hours... However I am sick of my 400kbps upload speed, uploading any large files, quickly to my Dropbox generally kills the ability to open webpages, almost as much fun as the days of dial up. And living 10-15miles from a town with cable/fibre means I doubt it will be improving in the next decade.
  • Mary H.
    Nice little promotional comment their 'M' for Dropbox, you little spamming twat!
  • M
    Sorry Mary Hinge, I'm not a spamming twat. However looks like you've promoted dropbox too..
  • Massive C.
    'M' I know Dropbox, a free service that lets people bring their documents, photos and videos everywhere and share them easily. It's a great piece of software and I really don't know how I did without it. I'can't believe you'd think I was promoting it!
  • M
    @Massive Chav, Hary Minge, whoever else.. Well I could have said uploading video to Youtube or Facebook instead or distributing terabytes of copyright protected media via P2P networks and no doubt someone would have had a problem with those "promotions" too. I will endeavour to be as vague and generic as possible in future. hugs x
  • Dropbox
    Have you tried us yet? We are fucking ace!
  • confused
    who is x and why are you hugging them - vague and generic achieved my friend?
  • Mike H.
    I hate people who promote. You could always use Pando. Pando is a free file sharing software that makes downloading, streaming and sharing large media files fast, easy and fun.
  • Sony
    Buy one of our great TV's. Please.
  • Sad T.
    Would you like some double glazing? I say, would you like some double glazing?! Well right now you can buy one and get one free. I say, buy ONE and get ONE free! A special offer for BitterWallet readers only for this decade: free banana with every porch. Don't forget the free fitting you bloody idiots!
  • Mikey
    I don't see why BT are so concerned about being the fastest when they can't even get decent internet speeds out to the majority! I live in a large town and only manage to get 2mbps download if I'm lucky and there isn't a plan to get infinity in any time soon! I just think they should be spending their money on getting the majority of the network on infinity instead of having a petty squabble about top speed with Virgin, who have managed to roll out high speed to all users!
  • Damien
    Do both of these ISP still throttle their speeds when using a service that actually uses that speed to an advantage? The speed difference when loading a website on a 76mbps connection would show little difference to loading it on a 4mbps connection.

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