BT announce next places to get Infinity broadband

17 November 2010

bt-logoBT are acting like Willy Wonka and making people scrabble around for their new BT Infinity 40Mbps broadband. Unless you happen to be me who just got phoned up last week where they said "Do you want faster broadband? It won't cost you any more than you're already paying."

Anyway, I live in a city, so it's not the same thing.

Caxton in Cambridgeshire and Malvern in Worcestershire will be the next two areas to get connected to BT's faster broadband after they became the first places to get more than 1,000 votes in BT's Race To Infinity scheme - a competition launched by the ISP to identify areas of greatest demand.

Even though the first two locations have been announced the roll-out isn't expected to begin until early 2012, BT confirmed. This announcement comes on the back of a report which highlighted Britain's worst broadband blackspots.

Farningham in Kent topped this list with an average of 1.3Mbps with Duns, Borders and Harbury in Warwickshire peaking at 1.5Mbps.

So if you live in a blackspot, get voting or something. Provided of course, your computer doesn't start bleeding with the strain of trying to connect to a website or whatever.


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  • National d.
    Who cares? (do I win a galaxy?)
  • Whocares
    Who cares? Do win a Galaxy
  • who c.
    Who cares? Stop deleting my friggin comments you arsehole website
  • Martin
    You guys are far far to trusting of press releases (as always). BT didn't say that Caxton and Malvern will be the next two exchanges to get BT Infinity. They simply said that they are the first two places to have got 1000 votes. See the difference?
  • A T.
    But all 10 people in my village voted and we didn't get it, typical, I bet all those people living in large urban sprawls get it first, I mean why should we be excluded just because it will cost BT £500,0000 to install it when the uptake will in reality be 2 people? I bet they chose somewhere with a population of 500,0000 inlcuding 1,000 business customers and people with multiple lines where they don't have to get planning permission to chew up green belt land and can simply use the pre-existing infrastructure, it's just not fair.
  • PokeHerPete
    @A Twat Who cares?
  • Will I wonder how accurate that list is? Seems like they're going to roll it out pretty quick.

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