Broadband still nowhere near promised speeds

16 August 2012

broadbandISPs will be thrilled at the headlines that reveal how broadband speeds are up, however, it isn't all peaches and cream. While speeds are up by a fifth over the year, Ofcom's figures show that the average residential broadband speed is now 9Mbps, which is still short of advertised rates.

Virgin Media are promoting their service with speeds of 60Mbps and BT have been banging on about Infinity 2, with speeds of 76Mbps.

However, the average superfast customer gets 35.8Mbps, which is still pretty great, but not nearly as impressive as what is being advertised.

"Average speeds only tell part of the story - there are still huge chunks of the UK that do not yet have access to superfast technology and far too many with no real broadband to speak of at all," says Dominic Baliszewski, telecoms expert at

"Whilst any overall increase is good news, this research highlights once again the disparity between advertised speeds and the service actually received by customers. Customers on the slowest connections of 2–10Mbps only received an average speed of 5.6Mbps."

"Although the ASA's recent ruling has led to fewer providers making unrealistic claims in their advertising, speeds are clearly still a long way off from where they should be."


  • Alexis
    I get 2.5meg and I'm only 5 minutes walk away from the centre of Manchester.
  • Denny
    They are not promised speeds. "Up to 76Mbps" is not a promise you will get 76Mbps, the clue is in the "Up to".
  • Mustapha S.
    I long for the day of 9mb. Out here in the sticks, 512kb is the best I can hope for
  • Lord F.
    Alexis, you don't quite understand this broadband business do you...
  • U B.
    I get about 1.2MBps downstream which is under 10mbps, but it's allegedly on a 20mbps Virgin line.
  • Jerec
    I get 4.3mbps if I'm lucky. Takes ages to download a 1080p Bluray on that.
  • Savvy S.
    This was covered on that new show SuperScrimpers recently... BT have a lot of copper wiring throughout the UK that is in desperate need of an upgrade!
  • Chewbacca
    @Lord Foffington Leave Alexis alone, she's only a girl! She won't understand parallel parking or the offside rule either, and you didn't have a go at her for that!
  • sicknote
    Number of blowjobs still nowhere near promised levels.....
  • U B.
    Is it the cracked lips that are stopping you or has your gag reflex kicked back in?

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