Broadband speeds vary wildly in UK cities

18 June 2014

house broadband You might associate slow broadband speeds with rural areas, but it turns out that people in cities are forced to tolerate snail-like broadband speeds, too, according to a damning survey by Ofcom.

Superfast broadband coverage is a bit of a lottery across the UK. So while the people of Londonderry might be whizzing along with 99% super fastness, it’s a different story in Inverness, Cardiff and Glasgow.

For example, only one in three people in Glasgow have access to superfast broadband, while almost everyone in Northern Ireland is able to download hooky episodes of Game of Thrones in record time.

Ofcom also found there was a class divide when it came to broadband speeds. People in lower income areas tend to have decreased access to broadband, with Glasgow scoring lowest with 57% access.

The bewitchingly named Claudio Pollack from Ofcom said: 'Access to fast broadband is an important part of modern life, and a source of economic growth and investment across the UK.

Today's findings suggest that the usage and availability of faster broadband also vary widely between cities. We will carry out further work in this area to help bring faster broadband to UK homes, whether in cities or rural areas.’

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  • dvdj10
    Why invest in getting fibre in to a city like Glasgow which is full of skagheads who a) can't afford it and b) are more bother about their next hit rather than internet access? I'm sure companies do a business case for everywhere, if it's not financially viable why should they bother? Don't get me started on rural areas...
  • LD
    Cable laying started for the Highlands & Islands :-)

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