British Gas allow you to control your heating via app for £199

26 September 2013

british gas British Gas has a new system that lets you control your home's heating with a phone app called Hive. They reckon this could save you £150 per year, provided you turn your heating off when your on holiday, or asleep, or at work, or whatever.

That's pretty boring, but it sounds a bit better if you think that you can turn the heating on when it's cold before you even get out of bed.

However, Hive costs £199 for the smart thermostat and installation.

You don't even need a smartphone for the app. You can control Hive via text and via the Hive website, and it launches next month.

So there you have it. This is properly futuristic isn't it, with a British Gas robot turning your heating on/off with the help of you piddling about on your phone.  What do you make of it?


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  • joulupukki
    SO much easier than, you know, setting the timer.
  • Mr M.
    This sort of thing has been around for a few years now, why are you advertising a British Gas product thats nearly a year old already?
  • Euan
    .. and nowhere near as cool as something like Nest (which is admittedly not available in the UK yet), has all the scoop.
  • stu has been around with an app for AGES! it links teh thermostat tou your router and allows local or remote access... and didnt cost £200!!
  • Warwick H.
    Anybody who still has British Gas as their provider must be filthy rich or just plain stupid.
  • bushbrother
    *goes away to search for vulnerabilities* - hope people with this have their home wifi secured properly and that remote access is password protected :)
  • Flyan
    'provided you turn your heating off when your on holiday,' What monkeys do you have writing for you?

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