Britain has a postcode lottery when it comes to broadband speeds

There are dramatic variations in the speed of broadband within Britain's cities, thanks to some lousy postcode lottery. For example, some people in Birmingham will have a connection that is 89% slower than someone who lives in a different part of the city.

And that's rubbish.

In London, things are the same, with people who live in EC2Y found to have connections as slow as 5.3Mbps, while those a few stops away in SE7 have a mighty 22.46Mbps.

These findings are the result of and Marie-Louise Abretti, telecoms expert at the company, said: "Despite the Government's intense focus on super-fast speeds, this data reveals massive inconsistencies, with speeds fluctuating dramatically between areas located just a few miles apart."

"Although a recent Ofcom report revealed that the UK's average broadband speed has increased by a third in the last year, our data suggests that this isn't the whole picture."

Of course, you might be labouring with a slow connection because you have a crappy router or you might need to plug your computer into the router to get an increase in download speeds, or indeed, you might need to seek out a new provider.

It all that doesn't work, you're suffering at the hands of a postcode lottery, which means you'll have to move house. If you want to see how you fare, compared to your neighbours, click here.


  • Rob
    We pull an amazing 1.5Mbps because we live in a rural area. There are no plans to up this because it makes no extra profit. It did once hit 2 Meg. It was almost exciting.
  • Mustapha S.
    Same here Rob. At least with plusnet I can now break the 1mbps barrier, with orange and esp 02 before, I was getting between 100kbps and 512kbps. Had to get the ombudsman involved. Hopefully cable will appear in the next 2 or 3 years.
  • you
    In my house, i am currently smashing the 350kps barrier. on the other side of the road, literally 10 metres away, they are all on Fibre Optic which is not available at my address. How i hate them all so much.
  • chewbacca
    People who live in the country should quit fucking whining. You live in the country. You surely expect that things won't be "on par"with certain aspects of city life? Poorer public transport links, poorer selection of shops and amenities etc. You are quite happy to have the benefits of not living in major cities, air quality, less immigrants, people that actually speak English etc. Shut the fuck up.
  • Alexis
    2.5 meg where I am. 8 meg where I was, half a mile down the road
  • Dr Z.
    Chewbacca, you're quite an angry person. In another life were you buggered senseless and left feeling as inadequate as some people's broadband speeds? Was it in fact this life? As I'm a doctor of humanology it's patently clear you aren't getting any. Take two (a spitroast if you will) and see how it goes.
  • Mr M.
    I live in a non LLU area so have to put up with paying nearly double the price for piss poor broadband. I guess I should be glad my neighbours are all in the same position.
  • mind m.
    @ chewbacca Stop whining? that's rich coming from one of the most frequent 'whiners' on the BW site. Anyway I steal my neighbours broadband so no complaints here.
  • chewbacca
    @Futurama cunt I'm getting plenty, thanks. Plus, I'm not angry, just pointing out that too many fuckers whine about shit that they effectively chose. @The other cunt that @'d me When exactly did I "whine"? Yeah, exactly. Fuck off you wank.
  • Sporky M.
    Chewbie, it's people like you that cause people to move to the country to be rid of.
  • mind m.
    wriggle wriggle wormy worm
  • Big M.
    Yeah Chewie, you're getting plenty of fat legged, blotchy, ginger Scottish whores.
  • Crusty m.
    @BM: Don't you talk about his mum like that. It's impetigo she suffers from.
  • daniel
    chewbacca - well said . fucking moaning trouts .
  • LancerVancer
    We get about 80meg down and 20meg up. I live in a village with Fibre Optic broadband. Its great. Can download the whole internet in about 20 mins!!! Flex wit da weed.

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