Boy drops first iPhone6 on TV

19 September 2014

Imagine for a second, you're the kind of berk who sleeps rough outside a shop, so you can get your hands on a telephone before everyone else.

Well, over in Perth (the Australian one), a young fella was the first person to get his hands on a new iPhone6 and the TV crews rushed over to him to say 'Well?' and the answer of course would've been 'Yep. That's an iPhone alright'

However, Jack, the owner of the phone managed to drop it on the floor.

As you can see in the video, there's seemingly no lasting damage to the handset, which is a shame. It would've been great to see it smash into a million pieces, but there you go.

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  • FooFan73
    It's sad how Apple's loyal fans still get so excited over what's now a mediocre phone in comparison to it's rivals
  • Fat H.
  • samuri
    i wanked that hard my glasses nearly fell off

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