Book a cruise on the ugliest website you'll see all week!


awful website

Then you'll love because they've made an amazingly hideous website - probably the worst you'll see all week, unless you're going to be a prick and purposefully visit one that's worse that you remember visiting a while ago.

Click here to see it in all its grisly glory


  • Andrew
    Worse that ryanair's website... really???
  • Kareem
    Nothing is worse then ryanair's site.
  • Alex
    It's also in breach of the Companies Act 2006, which can lead to large fines etc. After some digging, actually in the payment section, you find out it's a limited company running the site, imaginatively called Ltd. This means they are legally obliged to display the company number and registered office address (identified as such) prominently on their website. The regs aren't new, Outlaw detailed them back in 2006 here: You'd have thought with all that information they'd have included the basics wouldn't you?!
  • Rich
    I dunno... seems worse to me.
  • Billy
    Seriously, that site's ok, all the information I probably need is on the front page. Saves searching through a pile of shite.
  • Billy
    @Rich Then again, all the information I would need before deciding to make a purchase is also on lingscars front page - what a pile of shite. That's the car hire booked to Southampton for the cruise, now who's got a really really shitty hotel booking site, followed by some horrendous guides to events and fine dining ?
  • Andy
    @Billy Then use Ryanair for your return flight.
  • Ali
    Perhaps before you book your honeymoon on a cruise ship, you could get your bridal gown etc here: Worst. Website. Ever
  • PokeHerPete
    @Ali, thats a interesting site. I might hire the designer for some work!
  • Mark
    @Ali, they must've used the same designer as this lot used
  • Phillt
    Ive seen worse. Money Saving Expert has always had a designer who uses ms paint and a skittles packet as colour design inspiration. For such a high profile site the design is very amateur looking. Lingcars, ryan air and most government/police/council websites are also shockingly bad.
  • Rob B.
    Not only that but their unsubscribe link doesn't work in their emails - turning them into unwanted spam. I flagged them as spam on Gmail now to stop me having to bother with them. Customer services aren't interested in helping either so avoid this company like the plague.
  • Dee D.
    I thought the point of Ling's Cars website was to look trashy, as a USP. His i bad, but funny and memorable. Others are just bad. The one for the cruises really could do with a flash animation (forget that, go for an animated gif) of a slashing knife, cutting the prices.
  • JW
    "His is bad, but funny and memorable. Others are just bad." Ling is a She, not a He. She was featured on Dragons Den a few years ago.
  • Stu_
    Nothing wrong with Ling's Cars. That woman is just crackers!

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