BMW won't give Google the Alphabet

alphabet We all know about Google's new Alphabet rejig, but they've already hit some skidders. BMW aren't playing ball and won’t give Google the website for its new name, Alphabet, and to boot, they may well sue Google for 'stealing their brand'.

Google set up this new thing without having the domain for, or the Twitter account @Alphabet. Turns out the site is owned by BMW, who just so happen to own a fleet services company by the same name.

A BMW spokesperson said that they are "examining whether there are any implications over trademarks." They're not planning on selling the name either, as it is a "very active" part of the Alphabet business. You've never heard of it and the site is mostly offline, but that doesn't matter. It is BMW's ball and they're taking it home.

Of course, with a word like Alphabet, BMW aren't the first people to use it. In America alone, there's 103 different trademarks using the word, or a variation of it. To make a claim for trademark infringement, holders have to prove that people are probably going to get confused when looking at the warring brands. And you'll know, if you clicked the link in the first sentence, that Google have already bagged a snazzy URL for themselves already.

Meanwhile, the fella who owns @Alphabet on Twitter has been flooded with tweets and at the start of the week, tweeted that they'd had an "interesting Monday". If Google offer them a buttload of money, they'd be wise to take it. You'd be mad not to

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  • jman316
    Lazy article BW. Alphabet already has a domain for it at DOH!

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