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5 November 2015

starwars Are spoilers making your life a misery? Do you have friends who are complete blabbermouths and tell you the ending of everything, like that time someone told you that the kid in Sixth Sense was actually Darth Vader, and he could see Keyser Söze, when no-one else could?

Well, there's hope for you yet. You can get a Chrome extension called Spoiler Alert, which will try and protect you from your stupid friends who let their mouths run away with themselves when they're excited about a TV show or film.

Or course, it won't fix those annoying arses who watch Game of Thrones, who tweet 'OMG #GoT' every time they watch a bloody episode of it.

First off, you have to add the extension to Chrome - do that here. Once you've sorted all that out, and registered and all that, you then go to 'Find Alerts'. From there, you can toggle the options of the shows and films you don't want to hear about.

You can use the extension's drop-down menu, or add your own and all that jazz. From there, you'll be protected from the people who are determined to spoil your fun when you're watching shows and films. It'll stop you from seeing Trending Topics on social media too, which often gives the game away.

Of course, you could just log out of your social media account and get your finger out when it comes to a new episode being aired. That's the easiest way around the problem.

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