Blackberry give away freebies in the hope that everyone hates them less

17 October 2011

BlackberryRIM is trying to distract their BlackBerry customers from being irritated with their lousy service by giving them free things.

Customers will be able to land a bunch of free apps and, get this, free technical support for when the network collapses again.

The freebie apps include SIMS 3, N.O.V.A and Bejeweled as well as a dozen other things to distract you from the thing that's irked you. They'll be available App World for a month, starting Wednesday.

There's also an explanation of what happened when RIM saw the outage that took down BlackBerry communications and web access:

"Many customers experienced service interruptions and delays over a period of approximately 3 days in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa, 1.5 days in Latin America and Canada, and 1 day in the United States."

And that's it. And here's a degree in stating the obvious.

Of course, if you're some high flying trader who saw their mobile become as useful as a brick, getting some stupid games probably won't help. This week, reports are already suggesting that financial institutions are already making a move away from BlackBerry, with the RBS swine looking at using iPhones from now on.

Is this a good enough apology for the average punter?


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  • TechLogon
    They 'did an ostrich' and failed to keep customers informed - that was the biggest cause of reputation loss, not the service outage (no network is immune). Existing goodwill and brand loyalty breed toleration but if you treat people like the proverbial mushroom then expect widespread anger, condemnation and loss of customers. You'd think big companies would learn from the mistakes of others like Sony (PSN) and Apple (antennas) but they keep on digging...
  • Dick
    Personally, I think their behaviour was so bad that they are fucked for the business community, the only way to survive is if they seriously drop prices and get more average joe's using them.
  • huh?
    "treat people like the proverbial mushroom"?
  • The B.
    I haven't heard any more about Vodafone's RIM takeover bid, I wonder why?
  • Sawyer
    I'd love to see these bricks you have in the Bitterwallet office that can make phone calls. As I understand, it was only the Blackberry services that were lost, while calls and texts worked as normal.
  • Pissing w.
    If RBS start trusting the security of my account information to the Ifony thingy I'm moving my account elsewhere. Oh, hang on, I already did.
  • Brandon H.
    "Is this a good enough apology for the average punter?" From the people whinging about it at my work, i would say no. BBM does nothing that texting can't do and yet some people think their social lives are over because of it. A big thing to note is that unlike other phones, blackberries can't use the internet (including facebook, god forbid) while the service is down. Why the hell does your internet traffic have to go through them?

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