BlackBerry fire sale to hit UK?

Bitterwallet - Blackberry PlayBook tabletCould we be on the cusp of some really good deals on Research in Motion (RIM) products? If the States are anything to go by, we could well be seeing something of a fire sale as prices of BlackBerry handsets and PlayBook tablets are slashed in a bid to reverse the company's fortunes after a pretty lousy 2011.

According to reports, all models of the BlackBerry PlayBook will cost a paltry $299 in the USA. And prices are slowly dropping in the UK, with Amazon knocking £60 off the price of the 16GB model and decent deals seen elsewhere.

Of course, RIM has Apple and Android to compete with who are taking the market by storm.

The company is obviously taking notes from HP’s book, who managed to offload huge numbers of their doomed TouchPad tablet. HP saw their marketshare rocket after such a move.

Sadly from Research in Motion, 2012 is starting as 2011 finished. Could they really be doomed? Regardless, it looks like we could all be looking at some rather good bargains soon. Definitely one to keep an eye on.


  • Noghar
    The fire sale is already here. It's been £169 at PC World since before Christmas, which is pretty close to $299. I'd be tempted myself but the process of hacking it to get Android on board is such an unbelievable faff - much harder than the HP Touchpad - I probably won't bother. What's really amazing about this story is that RIM were warned by all the gadget and PC mags before they launched the PlayBook that a crippled bit of kit without even an email function just would not sell, especially at the same price as an iPad. WTF were they thinking?
  • Matt F.
    These have been available for free without a contract from for quite a while also
  • Liam
    @Noghar - $299 is £191. So worth paying £169 for the 16GB, but if Blackberry apply their US pricing to the 64GB, then I'll be buying. I wouldn't mind snapping up a 16GB tablet, but as it doesn't have a SD card slot, I'm not interested. There's talks to get ICS ported to the PlayBook so you don't have to put up with BlackBerry's naff marketplace which has bugger all apps going for it.
  • Mike F.
    Even reduced these are a bit pointless. Worth £50 second hand in six months time.
  • Sawyer
    Where is the evidence of their handset prices dropping? My main issue with Blackberry phones is that they're overpriced for the spec. - compare the cheapest (Curve 8520) with an Android of the same form factor at the same price (HTC ChaCha) and the Android is far better in both specifications and build. Shame as I prefer the BB OS, but I can't justify buying one when I consider what I could get for the same money from Android/WP7...
  • Sicknote
    I would have loved to have been in the meeting where some toothless half-brained fuckwit decided not to include an SD slot on the playbook - bet they thought that consumers would love be screwed in the arse having to buy the most expensive model and not a few dollars on an SD card. For that balls up alone Blackberry deserve to fail and get snapped up by Vodafone....or Three
  • heywood j.
    You would have thought amazon would have trademarked/copyrighted their kindle fire. Although blackberry fire is catchy too ;)

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