Bitterwallet's Nexus One - you're welcome, avid readers!

16 January 2010

Look what we've got. It's gorgeous. Barely a moment was spent fondling it, before this Nexus One was boxed up once more to be dispatched to avid Bitterwallet reader Jordan Hall in Whitby, the winner of our recent competition. Lucky, lucky bastard. Jordan - if there's an accompanying note made up of newspaper print that threatens your life in any way, it's nothing whatsoever to do with us:

Bitterwallet - the Nexus One!


  • LanceVance
    *not if postmen in Whitby read this blog!
  • Joff
    I knew I should have made my entry some libelous comment about Martin Lewis. I would have the Nexus One on it's way to me by now :(
  • Kathlee P.
    Any poor unfortunate sod with the name Jordon deserves some street cred rather than the usual sniggers, hope they can hold their head high for a short while
  • SJT
    Odds on it being on ebay within 3 days?
  • Monster
    I'll give you five to one.
  • Ben
    How long did delivery take? (i am thinking of getting one)?
  • graham
    wait for HTC Bravo. Same phone, with HTC brand. Coming to most networks in a couple of months on contract.
  • TheillegitimatesonofGunn
    I'd just LOVE a competition prize that someone's already grubbily manhandled.... Also, what is it we're supposed to be thanking you for this time?
  • Junkyard
    @ graham - why should I wait two months to buy the same phone?
  • dunfyboy
    Thanks for a picture of a phone in a box. My life is complete.
  • Great H.
    [...] youre welcome avid readers [...]
  • charitynjw
    That Nexus should've been mine. I'd 'phone & complain. But I can't........
  • TheillegitimatesonofGunn
    I wouldn't worry, it probably comes pre-loaded with complimentary rabies!
  • Kyle O.
    Awesome phones. Enjoy it im loving mine. Kyle, Nottingham UK
  • 52 I.
    [...] youre welcome avid readers [...]

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