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8 October 2008
1. As the Ice Melts

The government kindly suspends Icesave access to UK customer accounts before the ice completely melts down over in Iceland.

Global warming can wait for now. (via

2. Google Beer Goggles

Sending emails you regret in the morning? No one believes that you were intoxicated?

Here's how to avoid being blacklisted to your ex's spam folder.

I must admit, the mathematics may be a little too complex for me. Even while sober. Anyone know a good calculator to use? (via Wired)

3. So How does it feel to get shafted?

"Hey, let's have a $440,000 party AIG Bailout and spend some of the taxpayer's money!"

Looks like Dick Fuld of Lehman Brother's fame is not the only 'Dick'.

At least he got punched in the face. (via ABC News)

4. The Future Holographic TV

For you "Beowulf" and "LOTR" fans, here's how to enjoy some 3D action over your coffee table. Because that's certainly the most productive use of your time.

Of course, they also have some plans for the military and the future of medicine.

More excuses for the pervs seeking for new forms of entertainment. (via CNN)

5. Not many happy faces over in Asia today, as the Asian stocks took a nosedive.

Andrew Friedman, as pictured here by CNN, looks pretty stressed, considering how confident he came across on "Wall Street Warriors" recently.

So much for being able to 'predict futures', eh?

I wonder how many more people are going to shoot their families, or die from heart attacks today over there. Then again, I suppose Asians do eat a pretty healthy diet.

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