Bidders for .lol and .sex revealed

"Are you dot lol?"

There's a new batch of domains floating around, some of them profoundly irritating. Fancy ending a URL with .lol? How about .tennis?

Well, ICANN has released the list of applicants for these new irritants, and Google are heading the pack. The gTLD programme allows almost any word as a domain, which means that there could well be brand extensions on URLs, such as .nike, as well as the much muttered about .sex, which someone will make a killing off the back of.

"This is an historic day for the internet, and for more than two billion people around the world who depend upon it," Beckstrom said. "The internet is about to change forever."

Google have applied for loads of domains, which include .lol, .android and .app. The latter, obviously, was the domain most hotly contested with Google going toe-to-toe with Amazon and 12 others. Ten companies wanted .art, nine wanted .shop and, surprisingly, only two pitched for .sex. Apple, being all minimal, only wanted one: .apple.



  • Chewbacca
    A more pressing issue is the exhausting of IPv4 addresses, perhaps BW could run an article?
  • vibeone b.
    Domains of any word will become confusing in the short time. The familiar ".com/" etc has become easy to remember and you can guess the domain even if you happen to forget it by knowing what's likely to go on the end. Do I really want to see an address and remember whether it's .app .nike etc.? I probably won't. And will go to google to find the correct extension. Which means I may as well go to google to find it anyway.
  • Helen
    Totally agree with vibeone. It's going to be so confusing trying to remember everything. I guess that'll drive more traffic through Google and other search engines, but that kinda defeats the point of a website being an easy-to-remember, easy-to-find location for people!
  • zeddy
  • Sicknote
    .getafuckinglife .and .doesitreallymatter

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