Beware! The unbeatable Rock Paper Scissors robot monster is among us...

The day when we all perish under the onslaught of Robot Armageddon is drawing ever closer. As we’ve revealed recently, they can clap, they can sing and some of them have got quite nice arses.

Now… they can THRASH us at Rock Paper Scissors. Or at least this one can…

Developed by boffins in Japan, it uses motion sensing technology and can tell what shape its opponent is going to make with their hands just as they’re about to make it. Using computer skills, it then outsmarts the stupid human just as they’re about to throw said shape. Ha – sucker!

So far, it has won ever one of the 55 billion* games that it has played.

(*figure plucked out of the air by us)


  • Alexis
    Hold on, this is just cheating. It just reads what you've done and responds, albeit in a millisecond.
  • Sicknote
    These lads need to get girlfriends and get out the lab a bit more.
  • Titus B.
    Looks like it was designed for tugging. Will lovehoney be stocking?

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