Usually, the only kind of Spam that comes from a fridge is the meaty kind, but it turns out that a wifi connected fridge was used to mount a malicious spam email cyberattack.


The attack also included an army of household devices gone bad, including smart TVs and media players. The large scale spam-a-rama took place between December 23rd and January, a very busy time for fridges in general. But in between opening and closing and providing people with chipolatas, the fridge and his wifi connected compatriots managed to send 750,000 junk emails.

This is the first time that wifi connected appliances have been used to launch a cyberattack, but you can bet it won’t be the last. Security analyst Michael Osterman warned:

‘Internet-enabled devices represent an enormous threat because they are easy to penetrate, consumers have little incentive to make them more secure, the rapidly growing number of devices can send malicious content almost undetected. Few vendors are taking steps to protect against this threat, and the existing security model simply won’t work to solve the problem.’

So in the future, keep an eye on your fridge. It might just sit in your kitchen, innocently humming to itself, but who knows what it's up to?

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