Best Buy's website trickles online

4 November 2010

Bitterwallet - Best Buy starts recruiting As of today, Best Buy have made their next move in their attempt to get a foothold in the UK electrical retail bunfight, with the launch of their online store.

At first glance, there are no jaw-dropping opening offers and the size of their available range is tiny when compared to that of Currys and Comet. Additionally, their ‘music and movies’ offering is dealt with by The Hut, so there are very few surprises there.

Of course it’s still early days for Best Buy in the UK, and we may see more offers as the name becomes more familiar to the British shopper but it looks like a case of ‘softly softly catchee, erm, probably nobody really’ at this point.

But if you spot any outstanding offers on the site, be sure to flag them up here or at HotUKDeals won’t you? Together we are beautiful, as Johnny Mathis once sang…

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  • curry l.
    Fuck BESTBUY,c'mon the Brits.
  • Nader I.
    Good luck to them, i hope they give DSG a kicking for all the years of bad service
  • blarg
    i hope you get kicked in the face. THE FACE!!! not once have you given me good service
  • Robert
    Looks very amateurish to me. Unless it's improved quickly don't think the other online retailers will feel threatened
  • Phil
    'the size of their available range is tiny when compared to that of Currys and Comet.' - Sounds just like in store. I really hoped best buy would be great - I work so close to one - however I've found myself going into PC world in preference (And i'd normally spit after saying the words PC World)
  • tin
    "A new level of service and support" - what, really really shit?
  • sell s.
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