Beleaguered Bing loses Microsoft $5.5 billion... so far

22 September 2011


Does anyone use Bing? It seems that everyone is pretty happy with Google's search engine and now and then, we're treated to some fun Google Doodle, like the playable PacMan thing.

So is there a point to Bing at all?

Well, Microsoft could well be wondering the same thing if a recent report is to be believed. It suggests that Microsoft are losing $1 billion a quarter on their search engine, with losses reaching $5.5 billion thus far.

CNN Money are the folks who have got their calculator watches on the go and worked out that Bing hasn't ever made profit. They also reckon that, since Bill Gates' company start showing everyone their finances in 2007, the company has made a total loss of $9 billion.

As it stands, Bing has a 14.7 per cent share of the market, with Google at 64.8 per cent.

Speaking about Bing, Stefan Weitz, Microsoft's director of the search engine, said: "Our challenge is that no one wakes up in the morning and says, 'I really wish there was a better search engine'.

"That's why, for us, it's always been about figuring out how to accomplish more than we thought was possible with a search engine. Eventually, people will expect to do more with search, and if they can't, they'll be disappointed."

Google, thus far, have shown more innovation and guile. Bing, it's over to you.

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  • Sam
    The main problem with Bing is that, from my experience, the search results it gives are awful compared to Google. Generally it seems to come out with the least relevant results there possibly could be at the tops of the list.
  • Rob
    I agree it's shit, even the logo looks like a word art '97 attempt by a 4 yr old at best.
  • TechLogon
    I'm pretty sure Bing's share of the market (low though it is) is mainly due to the stupid Bing bar being pre-installed on so many new computers - it's the first thing I uninstall, closely followed by the ebay program shortcut and assorted trial rubbish...
  • Yue
    Bing is terrible, I need a search engine quite often at work and Bing's stuck on the system. The most 'Binged' search for me is google.
  • Boris
    I love Bing but I love Bob just as much.
  • kv
    so what search engine is the other 20.5% using then?
  • Mark C.
    Bing is to Google what Google+ is to Facebook - it doesn't do anything sufficiently different or better, so it will never generate enough critical mass to draw people away from something that works reasonably well, most of the time.

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