Behold the Samsung giant screen safety truck!

17 June 2015

Lorries can be a bit of a menace, thanks to the sheer bloody size of them. So, with that, Samsung have been tinkering with their large fleet of trucks, and they're using very fancy technology to try and make them safer.

When you're trying to pass a truck, if can be very difficult to tell if another vehicle is coming until you start your manoeuvre. That is, until you come into the back of a special Samsung lorry with magic screens on it.

We'll let this video explain.

Samsung call this fleet 'The Safety Truck' and they have wireless cameras on the front bumper that stream images from the front of the truck to screens mounted on the back doors.

The cameras even have a night vision mode, so you can see it all in the dark, which is pretty nifty and a decent move on Samsung's part. We'd like to see more trucks operating a system like this.

And, if you stick your mobile in front of it, and stick YouTube on, you get a free outdoor cinema when all the truckers are doing an overnighter in some job centre car park!

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  • Dan B.
    Not sure how encouraging overtaking on a single carriageway is going to improve safety. The safest thing to do is remain behind the lorry.
  • Bob h.
    People will overtake, people will go at certain speeds. Why not make it easier and safer? If this was a government or council truck it would have special ways of making it more difficult for drivers!

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