Behold, the dark web search engine!


The dark and deep web are the bits of the internet that you can't find on Google. That's where all the internet's secrets live. However, a British cyber security firm has developed their own search engine, which will go into the darkest, deepest recesses of the web, which is nice of them.

Alistair Paterson, CEO of Digital Shadows, told Sky that "basically, it’s a Google for Tor." Of course, there's other engines out there that are doing a similar thing (such as Memex, Grams and Flashpoint), but this new one, according to Paterson, is the most comprehensive.

Apparently, this search engine "sucks in pages in real time and analyses them. We have some analysts direction. It’s helpful we have two Russian speakers as well. So the system is running all the time, but it’s directed by humans."

However, Digital Shadows aren't trying to track down criminals or anything exciting like that. They're not Dog The Bounty Hunter. Instead, they're simply trying to protect companies. Through their service, they found a bank employee who was trying to sell customers' log-in details for £50 each. The company showed the info to the bank, who tracked down the employee and... well... who knows what happened next? They gave them a massive bonus?

So, if you're trying to protect a business or, indeed, looking for somewhere to buy a machine gun, you know where you can go.

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