Be Broadband and their website from Hell

23 July 2009

In the past, Be Broadband have had a good reputation among internet users for fast speeds, no throttling for heavy users and being fairly sharp when it comes to customer service.

Their reputation lies in tatters this morning as they’ve just redesigned their website. It’s an abominable shitty old mess of a thing, looking more like a MySpace page for some razor-hip indie record label than a portal of information about high-speed broadband.

Look at it. Christ, look at it. There are sections on it that we’re genuinely fearful of clicking on in case we end up in a part of the Internet that we can’t get back from. It wouldn’t surprise us if regular users of the old site visited this new version, reeled back in horror and assumed they’d contracted The Swine Flu.

Still, thanks to Twitter, customers have been quick to let their feelings be known. There are too many complaints to list here, but Be’s most recent tweet simply said: “We get the gist of the feedback; our new website is live and you don’t like the look of it. We’ll listen and learn over the next few days.”

Expect normal service to be resumed shortly…

[Thanks to BW reader Mark]


  • Andrew R.
    I saw this as it was released last night. I said to my colleague 'Surely it's a dev test site' then, to my horror, checked the URL to see it was actually live. Judging by the publicity it's had, I wouldn't be suprised it it was a viral guerilla style campaign to generate interest which is exactly what it's doing! That said, if it is real, then it's fucking awful.
  • Al
    "One of the last comments I heard from the beta blog about the new identity was that it looked "unfinished", and that is kind of the point." Er, yeah, you've succeeded.
  • David L.
    I'm a Be customer and the internet access is great. However, anything on their website isn't. But this 'new' site is just abysmal. No consideration of design issues, colours, space. Some parts work, others don't. I just hope they didn't pay for it!
  • Will
    I like it.
  • ed
    I like it. Though they should really focus on sorting out their shitty service. "being fairly sharp when it comes to customer service." HAHAHAHAHAHAAH, are you kidding me?!???! Be customer service is one of the worst I have ever encountered.
  • Joe B.
    ed, I beg to differ. The few times I have needed their CS they have been pretty good at sorting things out in a timely manner. The website was always crap but this takes the biscuit.
  • Joff
    Be aren't the only ones redesigning their website, autotrader have unveiled their attempt at web 2.0 (pretty fugly in my opinion). Speaking of controversial redesigns, I'm sure BW staff are old enough to remember when HUKD overhauled their site a couple of years ago...
  • Dealspwn
    The horrific background image seems to be gone now (at least for me?)
  • Laughing S.
    Yep, background gone. It must be a joke, surely. I'm a be customer, if I wasn't though - I definitely wouldnt sign up a company that had a website that shit. If it's not a joke, then they probably thought it some new trendy new media 2.0 bollocks.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Broadband and their vile new website (pictured). Possibly called ‘Jazz Odyssey’ – hope you enjoy their new [...]
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