BBC hoping to sell downloads of archive shows

BBC-Logo The beleaguered BBC could soon be heading for a windfall while we, the consumers fill our boots* (*hard drives) with loads of classic old shows that we thought were gone forever.

It's all to do with the Beeb's proposal to fling open the doors of its archive and allow punters to permanently download copies of their favourite shows for a small fee. Announced yesterday, they're calling it Project Barcelona and it's going to be put before the BBC Trust for their approval later in the year.

BBC top donkey Mark Thompson says the plan would involve the corporation opening a digital shop, with many of the goodies within never having been previously available to own. We imagine that there will be all manner of wrangling among those involved in said programmes, with regards to royalties, but if it works it could be a treasure trove of top telly.

Which currently-unavailable shows would YOU be keen to download from an imaginary Beeb archive? We'd go for entire episodes of Multi-Coloured Swap Shop. Go on, TELL US, you wretched sons and daughters of whores…


  • Drunkmonkey
    BBC bite size. Episodes. NICE!
  • Phil G.
    Grange hill ! All of it.... well maybe not that last few series. Def the Gonch, Kendal v Bronson days !! :)
  • Inspector G.
    This Morning with Richard Not Judy, or TMWRNJ as everyone's calling it.
  • Phil
    Tomorrows World? That way I can see how wrong/right they got it...
  • Zleet
    Good idea. Many shows have been saved by some Grandad having a reel of film in a shed so this is protecting shows for the future in case The Daily Hail readers finally storm the BBC to burn the place down.
  • Fake B.
    Don't we already own these? Haven't we already paid for these? I'll be downloading "Don't Get Fucked Up The Arse" with that twat Dom Egghead.
  • Jeremy
    How about Dr Who - that should max out my broadband?
  • ObviousMan
    That BBC's Downturn "Fucking" Abbey?
  • Mustapha S.
    When is Mike Hocks birthday? I was going to get him Downturn "Fucking" Abbey on blu ray.
  • Russ
    Old episodes of 999 and football documentaries. Fantastic idea
  • Jack T.
    I'm with Fake Bob on this one. Maybe the TV tax can come down if some muppets want to pay extra for this crap. Or more likely the scroungers will ramp up their expense claims. But I still bet Play Away with Brian Cant will be a top seller.
  • Mary W.
    What a crock - if you want to watch archived BBC stuff, just put one of the UKTV channels on and there you have it. Alternatively, wait until a weekend/public holiday and turn on BBC1 or 2. If you want to watch more recent repeats - no need to wait for the weekend - they're there every day and night.
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    Only Fools and Horses! That's never repeated! Oh. Wait....
  • bushbrother
    Oooooor find "atlernate" sources for the content that we have already paid for!
  • Dick
    Definitely the Matt Bianco edition of Swap Shop.
  • Mike H.
    Don't get me fucking started on the BBC...
  • wtfwtf
    Hope they abolish the TV licence soon. BBC on the deathwatch section... now thats what I'd like to see.

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