BBC buff up the iPlayer and get groovy with the social networking craze

BBC iPlayer new homepage

The BBC have launched a revamped version of iPlayer, one of the most popular sites in the world, making it easier to use and, oh, just more groovy really.

The site dealt with 123 million stream requests last month alone and some have said that it can even cure psoriasis, although that claim is yet to be verified.

The new version is still in beta stage (but you can try it out here) and incorporates social networking – you’ll be able to easily recommend shows via Twitter and Facebook, and if you’ve got Windows Live Messenger, you’ll be able to log into your account as part of iPlayer, chit-chatting with your pals while you all stare agog at a repeat of last week’s Countryfile. Smart.

There’ll be some hippy-dippy sharing going on as well, and later in the summer, you’ll be able to search for external links to programmes from ITV Player, 4oD, Clic, Demand Five and SeeSaw from within your iPlayer. Which is pretty bloody generous really.

There’s also the option to register with the site, so that you can carry on watching a show from exactly where you left off on any computer anywhere. Throw in channel-hopping while watching live TV and a natty new layout and it’s made for a terrific start to the morning.

Right, it’s a cup of pink milk and some Charlie and Lola for us now…


  • Jack T.
    Not bad for £4 billion a year. Actually it is bad.
  • The B.
    "The site dealt with 123 million stream requests last month alone" How many of those actually watched the entire program without getting peed off with constant buffering then?
  • That t.
    Sounds like a good use of my TV license* *Amazingly false
  • Matt
    123 millions users a month... I would love to see just 1 banner add or something on that iplayer page. The revenue would be huge and massively help to offset the costs and license fee... Seems crazy that they are not allowed to do it!
  • Hershel R.
    Yeah but it would start with 1 banner and before you know it there would be 5 minutes of ads every 10 minutes like every other bleedin channel. The best thing about the bbc is that there is no advertising.
  • The B.
    Matt, where does it say there were 123 million users?
  • Buffer
    Constant buffering? Ive never had any problems..and my broadband speed is nothing special.
  • rumpelstiltskin
    @Matt - they do have banners, on the international version of their website.
  • rumpelstiltskin
    New wrapper for the same old shite...
  • Kevin
    I've never had any problems with buffering either. Maybe you need a better connection? That's not their responsibility.

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