BBC, and other major sites, hit by malvertising

16 March 2016

computer virus A load of big news websites have been hit by a malvertising campaign, which sees adverts popping up on them which attempts to install ransomware on your devices.

This warning comes from the folks at security research crew, Malwarebytes. This attack initially went after American users, hitting the New York Times, NFL, and AOL. It also attacked the BBC too, and when you tot up all the people who visit those sites, we're looking a billions in traffic.

This strain of malware was placed in a number of ad networks, which looked to exploit vulnerabilities, such as the one we recently saw with (the recently deceased) Silverlight. Basically, when you see the adverts, you're redirected to a page that is being run by baddies, who can then get the malware under your hood and start messing with your computer until you pay them money to stop doing it. Hence, ransomware.

PC users are well versed in navigating the perils of a variety of malware attacks, but this month, the first Apple Mac OS X ransomware showed up, so everyone needs to make sure they're secure from such threats.

Keep your eyes peeled for things like this, and make sure you don't interact with any pages that have dodgy URLs. Make sure you keep your anti-virus software up to date, also.

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  • Shopper
    Wait. Adverts on the BBC site? Whatever next :-/

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