Batteries to die out thanks to vibrators (kinda)

23 July 2010


Batteries. Can't bin 'em - shouldn't really lick the end of 'em to give yourself a small shock. They might be on the way out thanks to a Japanese electronics firm who have come up with a neat idea to charge our gizmos.

The Vibration Energy Cell (which is in urgent need of a catchier name) is a vibration-harvesting generator which give power after being vigorously shook up like Elvis Presley.

Brother Industries (you may recall them from Man City's shirts in the '90s) are claiming that these vibrating thingies could be used in place of AA or AAA batteries. Probably not cars though.

It all works in a similar way to a bicycle light dynamo and some spokesperson for Brother told the Beeb: "Our Vibration Energy Cells generate electricity using a coil, a magnet, and condenser that charges electricity. These are all embedded in the battery."

"Because of its low output this type of cell is designed to be used for things such as TV remote controls and LED devices, which consume low power and do not consume electrical power continuously."

Carl Telford, an analyst at electronics business consultants Strategic Business Insights, says the batteries are a significant break through with bags of potential.

"It's great because they will work OK in a low-power application for AA batteries that one can shake without breaking; a remote control, for example. Of its size, it is small, compact, and directly compatible with existing power sources. Brother says that it can produce enough power at reasonably low frequencies, around 4-8Hz - this is impressive."

"Walking with a device in your pocket would vibrate with a frequency of around 2Hz. You'd need to shake the remote quite briskly, but it would work."

If you had a dildo, it would charge itself the more you used it. This is great news for women and dreadful news for men.

Alas, there's no plans currently to sell this product to plebs like us. Brother say: "Currently the cells are still in the trial phase and so far we do not have a clear business plan for this item. However, we will continue to monitor the market to make a business plan when needed."

Apparently, the Daily Mail are already worried that these new devices give you cancer.


  • A. K.
    That remote control will be great for my dad who has Parkinsons.
  • A. K.
    ....and think of the money we could save by giving these batteries to Politicians!? The bunch of wankers might be useful for something.
  • Willy-wonka
    Regurgitating yesterdays news from the bbc.. well done BW!
  • james d.
    ah perpetual motion dildo

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