Bada Bing! Microsoft’s big new search engine is coming to town

Move over Google, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo! and all those other search engines that no one actually uses – that’s because Microsoft are muscling in on the action with a new, improved take on their old Live Search function.

It’s called Bing and will be found at the easy-to-remember – from June 3rd, the Americans will get to have a crack at it and there’ll be a beta version for UK users shortly afterwards.

Microsoft are saying that it’s a smarter engine, with results varying according to the topicality of the search query. For example, searching ‘Wimbledon’ during the tennis tournament will bring up higher-ranking tennis-related results that it wouldn’t show at any other time of the year.

There’s also the ability to preview text results from a site by rolling the mouse over the result instead of going to the site itself and an ‘Explorer pane’ that will show up alternative results from related searches. Sounds pretty nifty.

Anyway, enough of our jibber jabber – there’s a holding page and a video guide already up and running, so get yourself over there and have a look. Let us know if you think it’ll change your searching habits.


  • tim
    I'll continue to use google.. Anything other than google brings up shit results for me.. Tim
  • Jordan
    @ Tim 'Bahhhhhhh' .. Follow the herd !
  • numberwang
    @ Jordan 'Buhhhhht' .. its the best! I hate the google company and the whole world domination thing a LOT, but their search engine is still the best....
  • Tom P.
    I like the name, reminds me of the bling i (and others in Essex) wear. But Microsoft can lick the balls of Google..5 years too late.
  • Jill
    Yahoo was once the dominant search provider until google came along, it could happen again if this new one is any good.
  • ctuk
    "google it" - works "bing it" - sounds like an asian currency or something
  • Nobby
    I'm binging some porn. Don't throw it away, I'll have it.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGay
    Watch the preview here:
  • The B.
    Will be great for those porn bing(e)s
  • The B.
    [...] looking for informed, concise opinion on the search engine war brewing between Google and Microsoft’s Bing, forget the fake Steve Jobs and just screw off Leo Laporte, Techcrunch and anybody else [...]

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