Bad robot? The £63 Android tablet has landed

The attack of the low-priced tablets continues - this time we're plunging well below the £100 mark. In the US, national pharmacy chain Walgreens have started selling an Android-powered tablet for under $100 - around £63:
Bitterwallet - $100 Android tablet
It's a Maylong 7-inch M-150 Universe Tablet, and while it's hardly the highest-specced product in the 'verse,, you wouldn't expect it to be for $100. Interestingly, this tablet is sold with a stylus - a welcome admission that the resistive screens that are being used in these cheaper products can't be used in the same way as an iPad - that is to say, with your fingertips.

Despite the fact that the tablet only went on sale at Walgreensin the past week with shipping of the product taking seven days, there are already three 5 star reviews - and only 5 star reviews on the website. The site also states a user can "download and install custom Google Android applications," but without the availability of Google Android Market, the App Market illustrated above would have to be some third party store.


  • MrRobin
    A PHARMACY, selling a TABLET? I see what they've done there!
  • he-man
    Oh god, DO NOT BUY A SECOND HAND ONE! Stupid yanks might think its a suppository for big butts.
  • kfcws
    400mhz....isn't that slower than the Next one?
  • PaulH
    Bitterwallet - someone's screwed up your CSS on the right hand side - Sort it you slagggggs!
  • The B.
    "product in the ‘verse" Really? You're going all brown coat now?
  • Alexis
    £63? A tad overpriced considering it's shit.
  • Adebisi
    iPad killer!
  • kfcws
    iPda killer....only if you hit an iPad with it
  • person
    Nah, a fly is the only true iPad killer
  • greg
    another shit stain of the gusset that is the Google Android name. I'm not an iPad lover, but I respect that Apple, with all their software, would never allow it on shit inferior hardware
  • Graham
    Friend of mine actually has one of these. It's amazingly slow!! Takes about two minutes from turning it on to actually being able to use it. Also uses android 1.9?? 1.9 doesn't exist! They've actually hacked 1.6 to make it work with this tablet thing. Has nothing on the iPad no matter how cheap it's going for!
  • Jason
    Lol my mates got one and they look good but then boots and takes ages! I compared it to my iPad, well I say compared there is no comparison those cheap tablets are a total waste of money

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