Back when Google was a postal-only service...

Search Google for ‘Bitterwallet’ and you’ll get a long list of results in about half a second. But do you remember what it was like 20+ years ago when you’d have to fill in your search query on a postcard before sending it off to Google’s HQ at Mountain View, California?

And don’t get us started on the wait – up to 30 days would drag by before your information pack would return from Google. But it was worth it, even if the parcel of documents containing your results was somewhat cumbersome when it dropped on to your doormat.

Ah, simpler times…

[Boomerang] via [Gizmodo]


  • Mike H.
  • ah r.
    Try harder next time.
  • Johno
    Umm I remember that one! I asked a question in March and received it on April 1st. It seemed like a lifetime!!
  • Peadofinder G.
    Hmmmm Mike Hock........Bearing in mind this was to be representative of 20 years ago, you would be searching for naughty pics of 5-6 years olds. Peado.
  • acecatcher3
    if theres grass by the wicket, lets play cricket. i cant really comment on this postal thing, before my time really, sounds rubbish tho.
  • Johnny F.
    @Peadofinder General You are an idiot. @Andy Dawson Not bad, it was almost amusing.
  • Miles
    You know, I think this is a pretty good idea... I hope I get all my 3 Million search results

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