Auto Shazam to record everything around you

Shazam-logo If you weren't being watched enough by everything ever, Shazam is now going to listen to you all the time with an update that brings the 'Auto Shazam' feature to the fore, which will stick an ear in your day and make playlists of all the songs that surround you.

Of course, you'll have to check in so it isn't exactly invasive. It could be a great tool if you go to a club or a pub that has a killer jukebox. It'll operate independently so you won't have to keep logging-in and it will run in the background so you can use your phone.

It might be a bit of a drain on data packages and your battery, although the app itself will switch off after two hours.

"The one thing we have with us all day, every day, is our phone. With today's Shazam update for iPhone, our users can now capture all the media playing around them in the car, at a café, in a cinema, or while watching TV, even when their phone is locked or they're using it to do something else," Daniel Danker, Shazam's chief product officer, said in a press release. "This update is another leap forward in achieving our vision to help people effortlessly recognize and engage with the world around them."

The app will notify you of new songs and saves it to playlists grouped by date so you can pinpoint where you heard that song you liked. Might be one to switch off if you're doing last minute Christmas shopping as it'll end up being 40 versions of Now That's What I Call Christmas.

It won't save or sending any personal data, adding that "only digital fingerprint summaries of the audio are sent to Shazam's servers to identify media content in Shazam's databases."


  • Dacouch
    Can you imagine waking up with a hangover after being at a lame party with shite music and you wake up to discover all the crap music is now in your play list. Although I can see the advantage of our opponents fans being in the pub watching West Ham beat them and getting home to discover "i'm forever blowing bubbles" on their play list
  • Ginge M.
    Don't be stupid, West Ham can't beat anyone.
  • UJF
    wont somebody think of the children?

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