Augmented reality contact lenses are the future!

terminator eye

You. Betcha want robot eyes. Everyone wants robot eyes. You can shoot lasers from robot eyes. Of course, no-one has managed to create fully functioning Terminator eyes for us plebs yet, but a report suggests that it might not be that far away.

Researchers at the University of Washington and Aalto University in Finland have created a new type of contact lens which can contain electronic displays. LIKE ROBOT EYES.

Alas, the only things lucky enough to try out robot eyes are rabbits. They get all the cool science stuff first don't they? Either way, scientists believe that these lenses are completely safe for humans.

So what do these robot eyes do? Well, they have an antenna in them which picks up power from an external source and then relays information to the contact lens. This means that we will end up with augmented reality in lenses which will probably end up getting used in gaming.


"We have demonstrated the operation of a contact lens display powered by a remote radio frequency transmitter in free space and on a live rabbit," said Babak Praviz, who was part of the team which created the lens. "This verifies that antennas, radio chips, control circuitry, and micrometre-scale light sources can be integrated into a contact lens and operated on live eyes."

Did we shout AMAZING yet? Oh.


  • Jeremy
    The government will broadcast propaganda directly into our eyes!!! 1984, here we come.
  • Steve
    Rabbits will take over the world with this tech in 2012.
  • Arnie
    The obvious use for this is if your other half is a bit of a heffer get the lenses to display her as a hottie.

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