Asimo - the future of robots is finally here

As you know, we’re all about bringing you the top robot news here at Bittterwallet, whether it be singing robot mouths, hair-washing robots or clapping robot hands.

But this... this is something else – a little robot geezer. Or, as we strongly suspect, a small man in a robot suit. It’s Asimo, he’s the brainchild of Honda, and this is the latest version of him.

Look at him! He can walk about, run about, fetch you a drink and jump up and down – the four things that any of us would demand as standard from a human butler. Making young Asimo... the world’s first actual ROBOT BUTLER.

What’s more, he’s only £99.99 from Argos, with Quidco cashback available.*

*That last bit was bollocks, obviously.


  • Dick
    It's the dwarf from Ricky Gervais's new series, he'll do anything.
  • Alexis
    Or, to quote Karl Pilkington, "He walks like he's shit himself."
  • Spen
    Watching it unscrew the flask lid was painfull..... it was like.... "GET ON WITH IT YOU &^%$" it'd be quicker to get up and pour yourself a drink.
  • JuicyLucy
    Does it have working sex holes?
  • Wonky H.
    Yes, I think the dwarf from Ricky Gervais's new series has working sex holes.
  • zeddy
    Impressive as Asimo undoubtly is, it still looks like it has shit its pants when it walks/runs. Is defecation due in the next update? I hope so for its sake.
  • zeddy
  • Boris J.
    It would have been briliant if the flask had been full of a jack-in-the box snake thing. Then I too would have shat my pants. It it just me or does anybody else think he puts the flask lid down just like a serial killer putting down his newest scalpel.
  • Matt
    Give him an M-16. Now we're talking.
  • Tim
    @Matt - that's where these things will take off. Once the US Army has worked out how to make an army of these with a sole purpose of blowing the crap out of things, then there will be thousands of them. Just don't hook them up to Skynet!
  • Scarted
    @Tim - Sod skynet, its Siri im worried about, its early days but its already shown she has something of an attitude, hook her up with an M16 toting Asimo and we may be in trouble... Also as great as this is, why are Honda just replicating humans exactly rather than trying to improve on the form/function? As an exmaple, the opening of a screw lid really deserves a hand/wrist that can rotate 360 degrees at high speed

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