Asda to open more branches of 'Phone Shop' which is breathtakingly brilliant news

Bitterwallet - ASDA vouchersAsda are going to open another 22 ‘Phone Shop’ branches after the company successfully trialled two ‘stores within stores’ (one at Manchester Eastlands and another at Sutton Coldfield if you even vaguely care).

We presume they only sell phones that can withstand regular beatings of those who keep their phones in their back pockets.

Anyway, this is Asda's call to get in on the mobile phone market and obviously, go toe-to-toe with rivals Tesco who are already big players in the field.

Two new phone shops will open in Milton Keynes and Watford soon, with a further 20 planned for later in the year. It looks like, eventually, they'll rollout these Phone Shops to every branch in the country.

It is reported that they'll be flogging Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Three contracts and the like, as well as Asda Mobile, which uses the Vodafone network.

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