ASA rules Vodafone's Siri ad wasn't misleading

5 March 2012

H1SiriYou know Siri, Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant for the iPhone 4S? No, it isn't sentient mercifully. It can swear at children though, which is great.

Vodafone were keen to show off this latest smartphone gimmick which left the general public (them again) complaining about the company's claims about Siri. Alas, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has disagreed that the Vodafone commercial wasn't misleading at all.

The advert showed location-based weather reports but not the maps-based features you can't use, noting that there's a difference between Siri in the UK and in the US. They said that in the US, "Siri interacted with the maps application to provide more location-based functionality."

The ASA also acknowledged that Britons may have known what Siri was capable of in the US, and "might read into the ad that Siri users in the UK would benefit from similar maps-based functionality," but that didn't really represent "the average consumer in the UK."

The wording that brought about complaint was: "[Siri] can even use information from your iPhone - such as your location, contacts and contact relationships - to provide intelligent, personal assistance."

It doesn't exactly underline shortcomings, but then again, what company advertises like that?

Of course, these complaints could be commonplace soon as Google are working on their Google Assistant competitor, potentially launching at the close of 2012. However, Google's sheet isn't exactly pure as the driven snow of late.

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  • Mattie
    Using contacts from the "Find Friends" app, you can ask Siri to locate a certain contact, e.g asking Siri "Where is John?" will result in Siri displaying a map with "John's" location.
  • The B.
    Does it though? If your friend is using a Nokia 8110, Siri will tell you where they are? I'm doubting that.
  • Mattie
    @The Real Bob... That is why I said using the "Find Friends" app you tool. It's obviously going to be a contact using the app.
  • Mary H.
    "iPhone, what's the weather like?" "They're currently selling for 26p" "For fucks sake..." You iPhone owning cunts!
  • The B.
    @Mattie - Read what you wrote, you imply that all you need is the app not that the other person does too, it reads as a classic piece of fanboi wanking. I appreciate that Iphone users have a slim grasp of tech which is why I thought I'd balance it out a bit. It's an iphone to iphone app, so realistically should be called "find a clueless cunt".
  • Mattie
    @The Real Twat You've just said yourself it's an iPhone to iPhone app. If you have the contacts in the app then obviously they have an iPhone, dickhead.
  • The B.
    Oh dear, I didn't know they let you stay up that late during term time. You seem to be missing the point, read what YOU wrote, not what I wrote, YOU, understand? I appreciate that your ADD probably makes it very hard for you to follow a train a thought for longer than 2 seconds but please try. So..... Your post completely avoids the fact that the app requires a partner iPhone with app. Got it now? Whilst you might find your semi-literate abuse amusing, I'm bored with it, you tedious child.

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