Argos offers 10,000 free tablets and broadband through workshop

Argos is offering free tablets and broadband as part of a pledge to provide practical skills and access to technology to 9.5 million Brits who aren't online in a partnership with digital skills charity Go ON UK.

Trained staff members will help people learn the basics of how to use a tablet and how to connect to the internet with workshops that will run from 25th October through to mid-January.


John Walden, Chief Executive of Home Retail Group, which owns Argos, said: “The digital revolution continues apace, however, millions remain on the side-lines. Argos Internet Workshops have been developed to help people overcome the barriers of access and affordability and improve their knowledge, understanding and confidence in digital technology."

"The internet is becoming increasingly essential in day-to-day life, and offers a world of new possibilities that we believe everyone should be able to access."

And, they just all happen to be potential Argos customers as well.

Either way, if you can't be arsed showing your granddad or mum how to use a tablet and get online, Argos will do it for you. They'll be calling you every 3 minutes on Skype in no time at all.


  • 4x3p
    It's not free, you have to pay £20 for the workshop and it's the worlds most Sh*tty tablet (search for proscan 7")
  • Mrs l.
    Hi would it be possible to be considered to have your free tablit offer as im using my neibours PC to get on the internet I'm 53 years old and disabled spend a lot of time in doors so it would be good to have my own tablit to keep in touch with my friends n family n be able to learn different ways to do other stuff menu thanks Mrs d leppard :)
  • Panddda
    As above, £20, and there's some tie in with TalkTalk - the bloke couldn't tell me whether you were obligated to sign up for their broadband too. But he couldn't really tell me much. No participating stores in South Yorkshire apparently anyway. And a painful process getting to that conclusion!

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