Are you going to sign-up with Tidal?

31 March 2015

Tidal By now, you will have heard that Jay Z and his famous friends are going to change music forever. How? By offering some expensive streaming to us plebs via Tidal.

Basically, Jay Z, Jack White, Daft Punk, Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris Martin, Arcade Fire, Kanye West and a load of other people including Calvin Harris, have teamed-up to make Tidal the first major artist-owned streaming service. If you remember, United Artists did something similar with a record label (and that ended well).

The funny thing is, is that these artists are all talking about Tidal like it is Live Aid or something, looking at what they're doing as something akin to social justice when, of course, the idea behind it is to get people to spend their money.

Basically, Tidal will cost you roughly twice the amount of a Spotify account. Or, if you use torrents, then this will cost you money, period. The idea is that, through Tidal, musicians will release their music there first, at a higher quality than anywhere else. Those involved in it made a little film about it all too, which will make you grind your teeth.

Of course, Jay Z in 2015 is a businessman first and a rapper, second. It isn't really surprising that he wants to get in the world of tech. Dr Dre has made a pretty penny through Beats and signing up with Apple.

Sadly for him, a lot of music fans aren't convinced. Some are even angry at the whole thing, with the general bile being along the lines of "Oh, poor you - you've been destitute for so long haven't you? With your champagne, fur coats and helicopter pads...". It seems that one of the biggest jobs Tidal will have, is PR, if they want a load of disposable income to be thrown their way.

What do music fans actually get from this? Lossless music, demo versions of songs and the chance to hear new releases for a week on Tidal, before it goes to the other platforms. And... uh... that's about it really.

If you want to check it out, find it here. Do you fancy it and, perhaps more pertinently, do you think it is going to be the saviour of the recording industry?


  • Nick
    No. Ignoring the limited artist portfolio, lets look at Tidal's charges. From the website FAQ (conversion to GBP at current exchange rates): TIDAL HiFi: $19.99 in the US (£13.50) $19.99 CAD in Canada (£10.61) £19.99 in the UK €19.99 in Europe (£14.50) 199 Nordic Countries (DK, NO) (DK: £19.33, NO: £16.60) $23.99 AUD in Australia (£12.32) $96 HKD in Hong Kong (£8.36) TIDAL Premium: $9.99 in the US $9.99 CAD in Canada £9.99 in the UK €9.99 in Europe 99 Nordic Countries (DK, NO) $11.99 AUD in Australia $48 HKD in Hong Kong That makes the UK the most expensive place to subscribe, by far. I may crack my wallet open for a subscription service, but not one that's such a blatant rip-off when compared to itself! Oh and watch out for your bank possibly hitting you with an International Transaction Fee each month "because TIDAL is a Swedish based company." Wait, swedish? Is someone shopping around for the best possible tax regime for themselves?
  • A
    LOL what a joke jay z
    you only have to compare Amazon US $400 & Amazon UK £400 for same article. their exchange rate is 1 - 1
  • Father J.
    I get why they've done this - Spotify is, after all, a massive rip off for artists - but their pricing policy is odd to say the least. I would imagine that the vast majority of music consumers will continue as they have done for the last few years - nicking anything they want to listen to and paying nothing for it. Me? I still buy records and CDs. At least that way I own a copy of whatever I want to listen to and can convert it to whatever formats I choose at will.
  • Question
    No thanks, I'll just keep on stealing my Rihanna records from the internet. And from HMV.
  • Scrotal H.
    The problem with this is £240 odd buys a lot of music from just about anywhere else. With far greater choice. That you then own. And if you are really careful you can make sure Jay Z or anyone else from the list above doesn't get a penny.
  • Darragh M.
    "... at a higher quality than anywhere else ..." - Do they really believe a) no one will be able to capture the downward stream on bits and bytes and thus repost it somewhere else as an act of defiant piracy and b) does the quality make that much of a difference against other formats? Already the highest definition TVs hardly have any visible (!) advantage over previous generations and i doubt that most users will notice, or care about, any such audibility issues. Unless ... unless they at the same time redefine the aural experience via creating a new musical paradigm. Which I doubt.
  • Danielle A.
    always heard of tidal and its high quality videos and as a lover of music i feel it is important to have that and i would love nothing more than to be a part of that,thank you.

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