Are these Google’s Nexus smartwatches?

12 July 2016
Google’s Nexus smartwatches

Looks like Google are working on their own smartwatches. That's different from Google providing Android Wear for other manufacturers to do the hardware - this is Google going full Apple Watch.

Basically, they're Nexus smartwatches, of a fashion.

Over at Android Police, there's some mock-ups of what Google's smartwatch might look like, based on what they know about the smartwatch.

As you'd expect, they look purposefully different from Apple's watches, and there's buttons and whatnot so you can control things.

So far, no great shakes.

Of course, there's no date for when Google will be releasing any such watch, but if they look like these designs, and Google sell them for a cheaper price than Apple, they could sell reasonably well.

However, there's still not a gigantic market for smartwatches, mainly because people would rather spend their money on other things.

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