Are mobile phones damaging kids?

20 May 2014

Is your kid’s mobile turning their brains to porridge? Well, nobody really knows, so Imperial College London is about to embark on a major report which will involve recruiting thousands of schoolchildren to see if they’re brains ain’t right.
child with cellphone

The Study of Cognition, Adolescents and Mobile phones is funded by the Department of Health and will focus on the effect that radio waves have on developing brains.

While there have been studies into brain function in adult mobile phone users, this is the first time children have been investigated. And with 70% of 11 and 12 year olds using mobiles, it’s really about time.

Computerised tests will measure their brain function and cognitive skills, and see whether exposure to mobiles or other wireless devices can have any effect. It's not been proven that mobiles cause brain cancer or disrupt brain function in adults, but it’s unknown whether developing brains can be affected.

Dr Mirieille Toledano, one of the study’s leaders said:

‘It is absolutely essential - and the most responsible thing for us to do when mobile phone usage is so widespread in our children is to be able to provide evidence to reassure the public, hopefully, that there are no adverse effects.’

Let’s hope there’s not a whole generation rendered cabbage-like by their addiction and exposure to smartphones. Oh, wait a minute…

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