Are Microsoft going to let governments listen to your Skype calls?

29 June 2011

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With our lives becoming increasingly dependent on online activity, personal privacy becomes an increasingly important issue.

And so, the news that Microsoft have just bagged  apatent for a technology called Legal Intercept is worrying indeed. Basically, this tech allows people to intercept, monitor and record your VoIP calls.

Microsoft submitted the patent in 2009, and no-one took any notice but, now the company has bought Skype, it alarm bells start to ring.

There have been persistent rumours that Skype have surreptitiously allowed the powers that be to listen to conversations through the backdoor, but this news of the Legal Intercept patent suggests that this is more likely to happen and with greater ease as it paves with way for governments to silently record our communications.

Of course, Microsoft won't be stating publicly that this is going to happen, but it certainly dents confidence in making calls across the web.


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  • jonnybravo
    Of course they will, they already listen to your calls now!
  • Mike
    Woo hoo Echelon finally comes to Skype.

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