Are Google Into Child Slavery Now?

Reckon you can trust those sponsored links that appear down the right hand side of your Google search results page? We’re not sure anymore since we received an email from BW reader Caroline Jones.

She told us, “I was looking for a pink CD Player for my daughter's birthday - I searched for "girls cd player for 4 year old". On the right side in the sponsored links I got: “4 Year Olds For – Shop. Millions of Products. Read Reviews. 4 Year Olds For: Cheap Prices.”

Eek! We realise that the Internet can be a happening, swinging kind of place where more or less anything goes, but where the hell do Google get off on openly selling 4-year olds?

In the interests of fact-checking, we tried the experiment ourselves. If anything, the results were worse!

It's not just '4 Year Olds For - Shop' anymore. Looks like they've got a January sale on now! Best value and everything! Someone tell the Daily Mail!!


  • Mike H.
    I'm sure if you search for 'failure', it comes up with George dubbl'ya Bush as the top search result
  • Matt
    Lol, seen this before... was doing a school project on the slave trade.... One of the automated ads on google came up with something like 'Find Cheap Black Slaves on NOW!'
  • Mike H.
    Here we go, I was almost right... Have fun kids. (No pun intended...)
  • Republic B.
    google is evil, considering they store the majority of the internet data on there, they should be liable for what their search engine brings up.
  • Darren W.
    here are a few for you to look at, dont know if they still work, but the Chuck norris one is brilliant. Type these into Google and then press - I'm Feeling Lucky Find Chuck Norris ewmew fudd xx-klingon xx-piglatin Google bsd Google linux Google Easter egg Google bearshare Google cheese Google Swedish elgoog
  • Jaymzf
    google 'french military victories' by pressing i'm feeling lucky and chuckle for the next five seconds at the result.... then get back on with life as if nothing ever happened!
  • Alistair
    Perhaps this is where Ms Jolie and Mr Pitt go shopping

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